• O-D's Prep program has a winning formula with our advanced on-line academic curriculum, world-class coaching, in-conference top flight competition and affordable tuition.
  • A fully accredited post-graduate program that will offer a wide range of General Studies courses that provide both a challenging and supportive academic environment.
  • To play football at the collegiate level, student-athletes need instruction and exposure. O-D Prep's football program will feature former college coaches that know what it takes to get recruited, compete and succeed at the next level of football.

By applying for O-D Prep you are making the decision to take your game, and your life, to the next level.


Offense-Defense Prep Schools are dedicated to developing the athletic and academic skills of aspiring college football players from all around the country. We leverage our relationships with coaches and coordinators from every major D1 & D2 football conference in the country to help get you to the next level.